Capella BSN4016 Unit 3 Discussion 1

Capella BSN4016 Unit 3 Discussion 1

Pharmacology and Psychopharmacology


  • Nurses must have specific knowledge when administering medications to patients. Each category of medication has its own unique indications, interactions, and contraindications. All of these need to be monitored both before and after administrating a medication. For this discussion:
  • Select a high risk medication that you administer in your current practice and which is prescribed for one of the health conditions you read about this week. Assume you are starting a patient on this medication for the first time.
    • If you were initiating treatment with this drug on a patient, what will the patient need to know from a safety perspective?
  • List the drug, its indication, and three safety tips you would want to cover during education for the initial dose.

As an example, consider the following:

A newly diagnosed Parkinson’s patient has been started on Levodopa therapy for treatment. The patient has asked for information on his diet while taking this drug, and what it means when the physician tells him that he will have to take a drug holiday at times. How should a nurse answer his questions? What specific information would a nurse give him regarding his treatment, diet, and drug holiday?

Response Guidelines

Respond to the post of one of your peers. Your response should indicate that you have read the weekly readings and contain at least one reference. Additionally, make sure that your response is in accordance with any of the established faculty expectations. Always be sure to follow proper APA style and formatting for any citations and references.

Capella BSN4016 Unit 3 Discussion 1