Consciousness: interviewer Robert Lawrence Kuhn discusses consciousness with philosopher David Chalmers Custom Essay

This week we have two fabulous videos to watch, one by Chalmers (another version of the same in your reading resources appears here) and the second one is by Dan Bennett. You may also find interesting a third video found here. 1. Video url: The Hard Problem of Consciousness In this video (12 minutes), interviewer Robert Lawrence Kuhn discusses consciousness with philosopher David Chalmers. This is from the series Closer to Truth. 2. Video url: Consciousness Is an “Illusion” A video (around 22 minutes) of a TED talk by philosopher Dan Dennett in which he proposes that we do not understand our own consciousness, and that much of the time, our brains fool us. 3. Make sure you watch the two required ones, otherwise the following might make no sense to you. After the videos please take a moment to read a bit more about functionalism, such as and in an applied sense see YOUR TASK: Now, write a response as if you were to explain to a friend, relative or colleague, your position about having a consciousness, or not having one. Assume that your friend knows nothing about philosophy, so choose a position (“I have a consciousness, or, ·I do not have a consciousness”), then explain it to your friend, colleague or relative (but not to your spouse or significant other). This explanation must be at least 275 words and you may use any style of your choice, but if using external sources make sure to cite and reference properly.