Week 9 Questions   Prevention Chapter 17                 HE366      AOD Study

  1. Define prevention, specifically AOD prevention
  2. Briefly define risk factors and protective factors in terms of AOD abuse and addiction. Give some examples of each.
  3. Define the three levels of drug prevention programs; primary, secondary and tertiary. Give examples for each level.
  4. A.R.E. is a popular school based prevention program used in about 75% of schools in the USA. What is the positive premise of this program? What is the criticism of this program?
  5. Of all the theoretical prevention models, 2 emerge as most effective: Social Influence and Person-in-Environment Model. Describe the basic assumptions of each, and describe what sort of prevention strategies they advocate.
  6. A very successful program in the US is “Drug Courts”, a collaboration between law enforcement and treatment resources. Explain the goals of Drug Court, explain what the person in Drug Court must do to complete this program.



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