Ebola: Not just an African health tragedy of our time and do certain actions including laws need to be taken to prevent public health catastrophes?

In addition to looking at the legal aspects or current structure for Ebola or disease of that type, I will also look at the ethical side.

be sure to focus heavily on the ethical issues at play.

The student will be expected to write one final paper in this course. For that paper, there are two general requirements: (1) To portray the arguments of one or more ethicists fairly on one central topic and (2) to define and defend the student’s own position.

This will be a ten-page double-spaced paper with standard pagination of one inch headers and footers, and 1.25 inch margins, Times or Arial font. If the student uses any other pagination or font, including courier font, the student will be failed for the assignment.

The grade on this exercise will be based on the student’s ability to responsibly portray the author’s argument, together with the students’ ability to articulate a meaningful and coherent position of their own.

Formatting may be either APA, AMA, or MLA. All research must be cited, and the failure to do so, even if unintentional, will result in a failing grade for the course.

Internet sources are prohibited, with the exception that full peer-reviewed journal articles that also appear on the internet may be used. Beyond that, there is no permitted internet research. Using internet sources will result in a failing grade. Any misspellings, grammar, or punctuation errors in this final paper will count against the student’s final grade.resources u can use for ideas:


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