Psychology 2301 General Psychology Psychological Disorders Reaction Paper and Presentation Guidelines A psychological disorder will be assigned to you from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM)-V. You will select a professional journal article on the disorder from the MCC Psychology and Behavioral Science database. No one may use the same the article. The reaction paper must be 4 pages minimum, word processed, double spaced, size 12 font, and Times New Roman. Place your name in the left hand corner and page numbers in the upper right hand corner of the paper (in header). Create paragraph breaks versus large bodies of text. Be sure to indent your paragraphs. The first page and half should be reporting. Provide a summary of the article. In other words paraphrase the specifics of the article. The second page and a half will be your reaction, which should be analytical and interpretive in scope. Refrain from comments such as “I really enjoyed this reading…I would recommend this article to others” and so forth. Your reaction should provide some intellectual depth/introspection regarding your views. It should reflect the theories and terms discussed in your textbook and address future implications i.e. psychological, political, economic so forth as it pertains to the topic and your analysis of the article. Attach a copy of the article to the reaction paper. The paper is worth 100 points and is due at the designated time. There will be brief and informal discussion of the reaction papers during class.