Gender differences in IQ, nature or nurture

As outlined in your text book (p. 418) there is considerable debate about brain based gender differences (nature or nurture) in IQ and/or specific abilities associated with IQ. Using your text book as a starting point do some research on this topic utilizing scholarly sources of information (books, journal articles etc.). It is also recommended that you listen to “The Gender Trap (CBC Radio 1 – Ideas: Tuesday June 5th 2012). You will need at least three scholarly sources in addition to your text book and the Ideas program. Sources need to be referenced in text and recorded in a bibliography. Be careful not to plagiarize. If you are not sure what this means please come see me. The topic has been chosen because it requires that the author of each paper takes a clear position; there are or are not brain based differences between the genders, the differences are or are not due to “nature” or “nurture”. Your position will become your “thesis statement” and should be clearly articulated in the first paragraph of your paper. The body of your paper should first present information that supports your thesis then information that contradicts it. In the conclusion of the paper you should make a clear case for why the evidence in favor of your thesis constitutes the stronger case. The paper should be six (double spaced pages), not less than 4 pages, and no longer than 8 as I will stop reading at the bottom of the 8th page. The paper and bibliography (reference list) have to be in APA format.