Observation report birth – 2years of age concepts and theories

discuss an observation of a child/children between the ages of birth-2 years of age, and how what you observed tied in with these concepts Instructions: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS -Text book is Looseleaf for LifeSpan Development by John Santrock Although your text does an excellent job of describing concepts and theories about development, the ability to apply those theories to real world instances is an integral part of learning. Pick at least two concepts for first two years of life from this unit that are of interest to you. (Such a modeling, imitation, etc…) Then find an individual or a video to watch that exhibits the concepts you have chosen. If you choose to watch a video, be sure and cite the source in APA format. In at least a one page, typed and double-spaced document, describe how and why your observation exhibits the concept from your textbook. For example if you choose modeling, you would tell us what the definition is of modeling from your book in direct quote, then you would use an intext citation for the book at the end of the sentence with the period going after your citation as shown here: (Santrock, 2015, p. 27). Do not forget to use an APA citation for your book on a separate reference page. This paper should be 1 full page double spaced and no more than 2 pages. Additionally you will have an APA reference page for the full APA citation of your references. Please if possible have access to outside resources if possible


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