Term paper on “Spiritual development over the lifespan”

One important aspect of development not adequately addressed in our textbook is spiritual development. From a Christian perspective we hold that people develop holistically–body, mind, and spirit. To sharpen your thinking along these lines, you will have the opportunity of writing up a term paper outlining YOUR substantiated perspectives on spiritual development. Your paper should cover spiritual development throughout the lifespan, including how spirituality can be fostered in each of the life stages. Note that you may need to tie spiritual development to physical, cognitive, and/or socio-emotional development in order to show how spirituality is integrated with other aspects of development over the lifespan. While there is no one “correct” theory being sought in this assignment, you should be able to show that your perspective was developed through thoughtful observation, reflection, reading and research. What is most important is that YOUR insights and the exposition of how you came to your conclusions are at the forefront of the paper. Apart from your textbook, refer to articles from professional journal research journals, books, observations on your own experience, the writings of E.G. White, and the Bible, to substantiate your thoughts on spiritual development across the lifespan. Use at least 5 sources to lend strength to your views and insights, and to serve as a basis for your observations. to locate and access appropriate full-text online journal articles available through McKee Library. You will find excellent resources in the recommended supplemental readings: Habenicht, D.J. (1994). How to help your child really love Jesus: Practical suggestions for instilling spiritual values. Washington, DC: Review & Herald Publishing Assn. Habenicht, D.J. & L. Burton. (2004). Teaching the faith: An essential guide for building faith-shaped kids. Washington, DC: Review & Herald Publishing Assn. Note too, the ‘starred’ items in the reference list at the end of your syllabus for books you may find useful to consult. Include an appropriate title page and reference page for your paper, and follow APA formatting for all references (both in-text and in your reference list at the end of your paper). Apart from the cover page, and a reference list, the body (text) of your paper should be 5 to 6 pages, double-line spaced typing. Before submitting your paper, please edit your writing carefully. Make sure that you have meticulously follow APA format for both in-text references and in your reference list at the end of your paper.


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