First Assignment: 5% You are to write a 2-3 page paper on “The Effectiveness of Employee Performance Appraisals”. Research this topic using at least two sources such as your textbook, journals, and web to assist you in writing your paper. Use APA documentation for writing papers and sources used. Submit your paper to me via the link in Week One Assignment. Date due by: Friday, 7/7/2017 11:59pm EST. Please note: I cannot open up any WPS (word perfect) documents. Save your paper in RTF (rich text format). Reaction / Response Essay Description: A Reaction/Response Essay is a writing assignment where you express your personal thoughts, interpretation, and evaluation of a particular topic; which could be presented through the textbook, an article, a film, recorded music or speech, etc. It is not a research essay and investigation into other sources is not necessary. Questions you might ask yourself: How do you feel about the topic? Do you agree with the author’s conclusion based on the presentation of facts? Could there have been another interpretation? How has this reading impacted your view of the topic? Did you realize something that was unknown to you before? Did the reading simply reinforce ideas and beliefs you already had about the topic? Did you in anyway identify with the topic? In discussing your reaction/response, it is important to make references to evidence presented. For example, if you disagree with the point of view of the author, please reference the specific point you disagree with and support your claims with examples from the presentation. The intent of the essay is for you to understand your reaction/response to the topic and express it in a logical, succinct and compelling manner. Essay Format: APA Style [refer to: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.] Length: 2-3 Pages or 650-1,200 words. Typed using 1” Margins; Double-spaced; 12 point font. Include: Your Name; Course Name; Instructor’s Name; Title; and Date.Introductory Paragraph: Introduce the presentation of the topic; Book or Article Title, Author, and the year it was published. Very brief summary of the topic. Thesis statement: Describe the specific issue that you are responding or reacting to; agree, disagree, connect with, evaluate etc.Organizing Ideas, Opinions, and Viewpoints: Thesis statement forms the basis of the essay. Decide on a few key ideas that express your thesis statement. Describe at least three of these key ideas. Develop your ideas in each paragraph by using examples, giving details, and using material from the presentation. While the use of the first person “I” is generally not appropriate for academic essays, it is appropriate for a response/reaction essay since it is your personal response. Body of the Essay:While this is not a research essay, you can certainly refer to class lectures, other readings or books. Always be accurate with the titles and authors. If you use any quotes from the text book, you may use parenthetical citation. If you quote from another book, then a footnote is necessary. Concluding Paragraph:Conclude. GRADING RUBRIC REACTION/RESPONSE ESSAY Reiteration of your thesis statement and restatement of your response/reaction. Discuss the topic and your response/reaction to it referring to the presentation. If disputing the facts or the conclusions, give solid reasons to support your interpretation. Expectations Excellent Fair Poor The introductory paragraph gives reference to the source of the topic by indicating the title, author and publication date, provides a brief and concise summary of the topic and has a specific thesis statement which reflects the writer’s reaction and builds an expectation in the reader. Body of the essay has a well-written topic sentences and is well-supported with effective citations and clear, mature, and original ideas and refers to the original source whenever necessary. The concluding paragraph rephrases main points and ends with an original and meaningful concluding comment. Organization: All ideas are relevant to each other and to the thesis statement. Sentences and paragraphs are logically ordered and smoothly connected to one-another with a variety of appropriate linking devices and reference words, and/or repetition of key words. Grammar & Mechanics: Sentence forms are accurate. Word choice is accurate and varied. Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, paragraphing, spacing, indentation, and margining are proper. The ideas have been properly cited with a variety of citation techniques (quotation/ summary/ paraphrase). In-text and end-text references are complete and in the right format.