week 1 journal assignment

Criminal Profiling Many people are drawn to the field of forensic psychology with dreams of being a criminal profiler just like the ones they see on their favorite TV show or movie. Conduct an internet search to discover the realities of criminal profiling. In a 1-2 page paper make sure to cover the following: What is criminal profiling? What training and background does a person need in order to be a competent profiler? Is there any science behind the art of profiling? What controversies surround the use of criminal profiling? Discuss any other key issues that you have found in your research. Submit your paper by the end of week 1 by clicking on the Week 1 Assignment link below. Your paper should include one additional source in addition to your textbook (for a total of 2 sources). Make sure that your paper is written in APA format and your sources are properly cited and referenced.


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